Young child on outdoor climbing frame at The Learning Tree Goulburn

Our People

Our People

We have a wonderful learning environment supported by passionate educators who love children. Two of our educators are qualified early childhood teachers and others are continuing their professional development and furthering their qualifications.

Our more experienced educators act as mentors, and create a learning environment that extends from our youngest children to our most experienced educators. We are committed to excellence, genuine care and forming strong bonds with every child. Our educators strive to encourage expression, activity, creativity and fun.

Meet our Centre Manager   

Pina Gelonese

Qualifications: Diploma in Early Childhood Education

What makes you passionate about Early Childhood Education? I love to interact with children, working with children is a huge learning experience.  No child or family is the same.  It gives me great joy.

What is your most memorable moment at the centre? Driving into the driveway and seeing the most amazing old church and walking in and feeling the love the centre had to give others.

Fun fact about you: Over 21 years of working in this industry, my favourite part of everyday in spending time in the rooms, a child at heart.