28 Oct 2019

Experiencing Our Past, Present & Future

As told by Madeline Collins, Centre Manager 

Last week, Preschool children had their second visit to the local nursing home, Tenison Residential Aged Care.
The children got ready and put their Hi-Vis vests on and off we went on our short walk in the beautiful sunshine.  
We were greeted by Liz at the door and the children each told her their names. Liz took us down the hall to where the residents were all gathered and were waiting patiently for us to arrive, the children couldn't contain their excitement and immediately stared chatting with the residents.


Hannah, Eleanor, Elliott and Sebastian picked up some puzzles and took them around showing the residents how they were done. The residents were so helpful that they guided the children if they were stuck on something!
The residents were so impressed by the children as they thought the puzzles were quite difficult themselves. In return one of the residents showed us one of his special magic tricks using cards, the children absolutely loved this!  


With a little encouragement, Kane, myself, Olympia and one of the residents played a game of snap. We were all defeated, and the resident was pleased to win!  
We were lucky enough to be shown around Tensions magnificent garden, we saw all the amazing colours and full-bloomed flowers that the children and educators enjoyed. The pre-schoolers were most interested in the old telephone box that was outdoors in the garden, they all had a turn going inside it. Oh, and we couldn’t forget to check out the fish tank again! Looking at the blue yabbies!  


What a lovely visit we had, both the children and the residents loved this experience.Connecting children with our aged care residents is part of the Early Years Learning Framework, the curriculum followed by early education centres. Outcome 2 and 5 support 'children to be connected with and contribute to their world, and to be effective communicators'. We can certainly see the benefits of these aged care visits and are counting down the days until our next visit.